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About Us

ATAP Infrastructure Management Ltd. has been providing services to our clients throughout western Canada since 1999.  We strive to provide comprehensive and cost-effective operation, maintenance management, training, programming, and alternate project delivery services to utilities of all sizes.

ATAP, an acronym that stands for ‘Advanced Technology APplications’, is an affiliate of the Associated Engineering group of companies.

If you’ve got a question about something not covered on this website, please reach out to us by calling one of our contact numbers at the bottom of the page, or send us an email via the form on our Contact page.



ATAP is a leader in delivering operation, maintenance, management, training and consulting services for municipal and industrial utility partners. Our practical approach combines cost-effective solutions with technical proficiency, resulting in reliable outcomes and trusted partnerships.

COR Certified

Since 2008, ATAP has maintained its COR certification from the Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association (SCSA_, demonstrating our commitment to a safety-focused culture. Additionally, our parent company, Associated Engineering, has received continuous recognition as one of Canada's top-performing companies for thirteen years, reflecting our dedication to innovation, growth, employee support, and business excellence

A member of the Associated Engineering group of companies

We take pride in being a uniquely Canadian, employee-owned company that brings global perspectives to our clients from our international experience and technical involvement. Focused locally, we offer uncompromising service to public and private sector clients across Canada and abroad. Recognizing our service, excellence, dedication to staff, and contribution to communities, we have been one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies since 2008. 
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