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Introducing our New ATAP Manager:  Mark Keller, P.Eng.!

Mark brings almost 40 years of project management, team management, and system design experience in the water and wastewater treatment fields.


Based in Saskatoon, his in-depth knowledge of water systems, process control, and operational leadership is a perfect match for ATAP's broad range of service offerings.


Contact Mark at and (306) 229-9862.


Spring Training Schedule

The Spring 2023 Training Schedule is now ready - check out our Courses and Registration page for all the details on our upcoming courses and workshops! ATAP offers both online and in-person courses and workshops and we continue to provide the same great quality training that you have come to expect from ATAP. Your comfort and safety is important to us and, as such, physical distancing and masking is welcomed at our educational events.


Our online learning platform provides easy access to our classroom, and quality audio and video for participants. Online certification courses have an in-person exam session offered in Saskatoon or Regina on the Tuesday following the course.


Class 1 Water Treatment and Distribution Course Added

ATAP, in partnership with Great Plains College in Kindersley, is hosting a one-week Class 1 Water Treatment & Water Distribution Course November 14-18, 2022. For more information, please contact ATAP at 306-244-8828.


COVID Update

Your comfort and safety is important to us. When attending ATAP’s offices and training events, physical distancing and masking is welcomed.